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About KW RaceWear

Gear to your requirements, handling your needs with care

KW RaceWear was created by two young but fearless motorsport enthusiasts, who developed the brand from home manufacture to speedway world leaders. Our designs were used by world champions on bikes with no breaks and the market was dominated. Our headquarters grew, so did the idea about the brand. Kw racewear took up a courage task of conquering the world of motocross and enduro. Led by a thought “don’t be like rest of the guys”, we bring custom racewear to individual clients. We are fashion forward, reliable, with a strong focus on quality.

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Key Areas

  • Our Mission

    Every day thousands of motocross riders, either professionals or amateurs, put on their racewear and enjoy the freedom of riding a motorbike. We, kw racewear, are one of them. As a brand, instead of spending millions on dressing up famous surnames, we prefer to focus on individuals. A client is always the center of our attention. You no longer need to copy someone else's look but create your very own style without compromising on the racewear quality. Our mission is not to follow worldwide trends but to dictate them.

  • Design

    Kw racewear reaches out beyond popular standards. Instead of imposing racewear designs and colors we give you a chance to build up a unique look that will match your individual expectations. Our passionate designers come up with themes that can be customized by each and every client. Why would you wear a jersey with someone's name if you can have your own surname and race number? Your personalized details are not printed on ready made racewear, that compromises the quality, but it's designed and produced for you from scratch! What do, what others only dream of.

  • Technology

    We are not joking while talking about quality. Kw racewear is making truly outstanding products. Thanks to the development process and world-class technologies, we are able to introduce you to racewear that matches highest standards. How do we do it?  We have full control over our goods. From design to production, on shipping ending, everything happens in our european headquarters. We keep an eye on every smallest detail, to deliver what we think is as close to perfection as it gets. Kw racewear provides you with not only customized racewear but also with a customized approach.

Core team

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    Dawid "DAVE" Janasik

    Customer service manager. If you have any questions or problems with your online order he will help you with that. 

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    Mariusz "MARIO" Kręgiel

    Wholesale & Team Orders manager. Contact him if you want to buy a batch of the products offered at our store.

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    Błażej "BJ" Kępka

    Designer & product development manager. Responsible for new graphic designs and those projects, that improve and enhance the quality of our products.


It takes two wheels to build a motorbike. No breaks, no gears and no fear to build a speedway bike. Two creative minds, two teenagers full of dreams and passion, to build a worldwide race wear brand. Błażej Kępka followed one of the most popular sports in central and northern europe. They saw not only emotions, speed and glory, they also spotted an opportunity. Despite their very young age, they created a fearless vision of a brand that not long after, conquered the world. Combining their surnames initials, the KW Brand was born.

Imagine a country, where motorsport brings bigger audiences than football. Where rider with no breaks are national heroes. Speedway is a legendary discipline, the core of motorcycle world history. Today, professional riders participate on average 85 races during the half year period, racing in up to 6 national leagues. The biggest and most prestigious one is based in Poland. This is also where KW was created. Starting from just a teenage idea, a portable sewing machine and backyard garage, kw has always dreamed big.

Despite being only 16 years old, Błażej first created race suits for their own use as they participated in amateur speedway on bicycles competitions. Their custom-fitted race wear was noticed by a local team and their teenage dream, became a real business. KW Speedway Products was established in 2001 and developed into a market leader. Top riders from all over the world appreciated the brand’s philosophy of combining new technologies, top quality with passion, and a fresh look on outdated speedway race suit designs. The polish brand redefined the market, offering a custom fit and a custom approach. KW quickly became the only right choice of champions.

In 2014 KW Speedway Products realised that their number 1 position is solid. Their riders were on top of the world consecutively since 2011 and winning the european championship since 2010. The kw crew searched for new challenges and to do so, they traveled to an exotic location on the speedway map - Barcelona, Spain. One of their riders took part in Superprestigio, the flat track all stars race. KW once gain spotted a chance and decided to conquer the world of dirt track and off road. With a lot of new ideas, the brand was reborn. New goals, new perspectives, KW decided to rebrand and became KW Race Wear.

In 2015, kw race wear had not only speedway world champion Tai Woffinden and Speedway European Champion Emil Sayfutdinov, but they signed ama pro flat track champion Jared Mees and AMA pro flat track gnc2 champion Davis Fisher under the wings of their brand. They developed a motocross race wear collection that was tested by top world athletes: Moto GP star - Bradley Smith and World Superbikes rider Leon Camier.

KW Race Wear products are not only top quality, made in the eu, using new technologies and a Team of creative designers, most importantly they have already been chosen by champions. What Are you waiting for??